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Install FlowShare locally
Install FlowShare locally
Updated over a week ago

When you start installing FlowShare, you might get a warning notice from the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

It happens if an installer has not yet been downloaded by a significant number of Windows users, it does not make it onto the list of “frequently downloaded applications”. Any applications that are not listed there will trigger the SmartScreen. (Source)

As FlowShare is updated on a regular basis including the installer, that’s why it’s not on the list.

Here’s how to install FlowShare despite the notice:

  1. If Microsoft Defender SmartScreen appears, follow the link: “More Info”

  1. On the following screen you should see “miraminds GmbH” as the publisher. The installer file is signed by miraminds GmbH, this way you know it’s safe to install as this signature cannot be forged. Click on “Run Anyway” to install Flowshare.

If you are missing the admin rights to install FlowShare and need to contact your IT, we have compiled a document that answers all technical questions:

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