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Export templates (built-in)
Updated over a week ago

Manuals generated with FlowShare can be exported into different templates. Custom templates can be used for PDF, DOCX (Microsoft Word) or PPTX (PowerPoint) format. They form a kind of “framework” for the structure in which the instructions are presented and define fonts, colors and the page format, for example. Templates give your flow instructions an individual design.

While all provided templates work in PDF format, special PowerPoint templates are required for PowerPoint formats. The prerequisite for exporting to PowerPoint is that Microsoft PowerPoint is installed on the computer.

To export a manual in a template, click on the “Export” button as usual. To use a template, click either one of these formats or both in the first export step. Other export formats such as DOCX, HTML or PNG can be selected simultaneously if required.

In the second step the templates "Grid", “Airy Lightness”, “Pointed Pattern” and “Well Sorted” are available for PowerPoint. PDFs can also be exported in “Boxed” format.

If you export both a PDF and a PowerPoint file at the same time, you can easily switch between the formats via the “PDF” and “PPTX” tabs and select the desired template for both formats.

If you have clicked on a template, a green frame appears and confirms your selection.

Finish the export by selecting a target folder and clicking the Export button.

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