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AutoTranslation Add-on
Updated over a week ago

With our translation feature you are able to automatically translate your Flows into 29 languages.

This allows smooth and efficient collaboration in international teams.

In our example, you can see that we have recorded a process in English.

To start with the translation, it is important that you own and have activated the add-on for this feature.

In the next step, you can specify the languages into which you would like to translate your Flow. If you confirm your selection, your Flow will be translated immediately.

You can then switch between the different languages of your Flow via the Multilanguage menu. Here you can see the automatically generated Spanish translation.

If you want to alter the translation, you can adjust your text description manually as usual.

You do not need to create copies of your Flow or export it multiple times. With just one export process, you receive your guide in all your desired languages.

A new folder is created for each language. Now let’s take a look at the exports.

Here you can see a step from the Spanish export.

And here is the same step in French.

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