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Antivirus software responds
Antivirus software responds
Updated over a week ago

FlowShare reacts in the recording mode to mouse clicks of the user. This process is completely harmless, but it can still cause the antivirus program to report and slow down the application (FlowShare). You can prevent this by adding an exception to your antivirus program.

Detailed answer:

Some spyware has the characteristic of observing user actions across software. To do this, these programs operate at a lower level of the system. Spyware programs called “keyloggers” can listen on your keyboard and pick up passwords, for example, to send them unnoticed from a server.

In this behavior there may be a minimal overlap with the way FlowShare works. FlowShare wants to make your work easier and observes for this purpose the function keys F1 to F12, the Enter key and mouse clicks.

It is reassuring and good to see how well this is detected by antivirus programs. In the case of FlowShare this is unfortunately inappropriate, since FlowShare does not record “content” and certainly does not send it to any servers.

Contrary to the trend of cloud-based applications, FlowShare is a closed system that keeps your data on your computer. At the same time, the flow data format, which is created exclusively on your computer, is open. Thus the interested user can view the few information stored by FlowShare at a

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