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Upload custom arrows in FlowShare
Updated over a week ago

You can upload and use custom arrows in your flows (starting with version 2.10) if you have FlowShare Professional plan. Custom arrows are not available in FlowShare Free plan.

Follow these steps to upload a custom arrow:

  1. Open FlowShare and go to the Settings screen

  2. Click on the Design tab to see all design related settings

  3. Open the Shape drop-down menu at “Arrows and Markings” section

  4. Select “Add custom markup” or later if you want to replace your own arrow, you can do so via “Replace custom markup

  5. Select a .png or .svg file from your computer.

  6. The arrow image is uploaded and you can select it from the Shape drop-down.

Requirements for the image:
- The arrow must point up in the image file with the arrowhead in the center.
- Areas outside the arrow should be transparent (not white).
- The color and transparency of custom arrows cannot be adjusted via FlowShare.

Please note! The larger the image file, the longer it takes to upload it into an existing flow.

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