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FlowShare Assist
Updated over a week ago

In this article, you will get to know our AI assistant "FlowShare Assist" and learn how you can talk to your Flows.

To be able to use FlowShare Assist, it is important that you upload your Flows to your portal as static documentation.

This is necessary as only the Flow type "static" can be processed by Assist.

You can easily access FlowShare Assist via your FlowShare customer portal.

FlowShare Assist provides you and your team with effortless access to valuable knowledge. Based on the content of your Flows, you receive customized answers from images and text in a matter of seconds.

Simply ask your question

and after a few seconds you will receive your desired answer with a picture and a suitable description.

Thanks to this rapid retrieval of knowledge, FlowShare Assist serves as a competent trainer, ensuring that your internal processes are fully understood.

By clicking on the displayed image

you are automatically redirected to the original Flow and the corresponding step. This saves you the effort of having to manually search your portal for this specific step. At the same time, you can view the complete Flow with further information.

You can ask FlowShare Assist up to 3 consecutive questions.

As before, you will receive a reply with an image and text.

You can call up the answer to your previous question

by expanding it.

Once you have asked your 3 questions, you can simply start a new conversation and ask FlowShare Assist further questions.

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