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AI-Text Generation
Updated over a week ago

In this article we take a look at FlowShare’s text generation with the help of artificial intelligence.

In our example, we have recorded a process in Excel.

If the FlowShare recording is stopped, a notification appears that the descriptions are being generated. The AI now begins to process the information from our Flow into suitable texts.

While the text descriptions are being generated, you can customize your Flow. Changes to the descriptions are excluded from this. We have, for example, cropped our screenshots.

You will be notified as soon as all descriptions have been successfully generated.

As you can see, we have received an accurate and detailed description.

The descriptions of the individual steps are automatically formulated into complete sentences thanks to AI text generation.

This significantly reduces the need for manual post-editing of the text and saves you a lot of time.

In addition, AI text generation has given our Flow a title that reflects the content of our process.

Existing descriptions or document titles from older Flows can also be rewritten and formulated in seconds using this feature. When we click on the magic wand

we receive our new detailed description.

If you add new steps to an old Flow, the artificial intelligence only revises these newly added steps. You don’t need to worry that the descriptions you have already added by hand will be overwritten.

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