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How to invite members to FlowShare Portal
How to invite members to FlowShare Portal
Updated over a week ago

To invite members to your FlowShare Portal, open the following link in your browser and log in as admin.

Click on “Manage Members”.

Now click on “Invite members”.

Enter the e-mail address, the first and last name of the member you want to invite.

Now select a role for the new member. You can choose between “Admin”, “Author” and “Chatter”.

“Chatters” can use the flow library as well as manage the FlowShare Assist AI assistant.

“Admins” can view everything including invoices and manage the organization.

An “Author” can publish and manage flows and also use the FlowShare Assist.

After you’ve selected a role, click on the “Invite” button to send the invitation.

The invited member will receive an e-mail with credentials to the portal.

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