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Publishing your Flows on the Portal
Publishing your Flows on the Portal
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How to publish your Flows in the Flow Library?

In the following, you will learn how to publish your Flows on the FlowShare Portal and how to ensure that your Flows can be processed by FlowShare Assist.

1. First open your existing Flow or capture a new one.

2. In the next step, click on the icon for "Export to Portal".

3. You will now be asked whether you would like to upload your process to your Portal as a static HTML page or as an interactive demo.

Important! If you want your Flows to be processed by FlowShare Assist and for your end-users to ask questions and get answers about specific Flows, you need to select the “Static documentation”. Only flows with the type "Static" can be processed by FlowShare Assist.

4. Confirm your selection with "OK".

5. You will be notified as soon as the upload has been successfully completed.

6. Your Flow will automatically open in your browser.

If you want to see all your Flows, you can go back to the Flow Library.

Flow Library overview and Settings

In your Flow Library, you will see an overview of your Flows with the following information:

  • Type: Static or Interactive

  • Status: Public or Private

    • A Flow with the Public status can be shared with anyone via link.

    • A Flow set to Private can only be viewed by members who are part of your organization and are logged in to the Portal.

  • Number of Steps:

  • Date:

  • Author: Here you can see which Author uploaded the Flow.

  • Under the “…” Menu you can view a version history of the flow, delete or share your Flow.

Admins and Authors can delete Flows.

Apart from type "Static", no other criteria need to be met for retrieving knowledge via the FlowShare Assist. Now return to the "FlowShare Assist".

FlowShare Assist

Simply ask your question and you will receive a suitable answer with a picture and text within a short time.

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