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What is the .flow file good for?
What is the .flow file good for?
Updated over a week ago

Documentation is never set in stone. FlowShare makes it easy to keep your documentation up to date by enabling you to easily edit and modify your source file – the .flow file. Every time a process in your company changes, you can use the .flow file of your original documentation to add or replace steps retrospectively. No need to re-record the entire thing!

How do you get the .flow file? Simply by saving a project in FlowShare. It automatically generates the source file. When you are ready to unleash your documentation on the world, you export it into a format of your choice.

Think of it like video editing. You as a creator keep the source file and your fellow colleagues get the final exported product that anyone can access but not modify. As is the case with anything you do in FlowShare, we cannot see what you are capturing – your .flow file is like a black box.

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