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ELO Integration for FlowShare
Updated over a week ago

Setting up FlowShare to upload your FlowShare exports to the ELO File System

The ELO file system is an advanced document management system that organizes and stores digital documents and files efficiently. It offers features such as version control, access permissions, and search functionality to streamline file handling and enhance workplace productivity.

Requirements: FlowShare Professional and an ELO account with network transfer folder.

Before you can start publishing your Flows to ELO, you need to do a one-time setup in FlowShare.

In FlowShare, navigate to the settings, and then open the WEB EXPORT tab. Select ELO.

In order to begin exporting to your ELO system, you must fill out the following data:

  1. The path to your ELO network transfer folder

  2. An optional filename prefix to be appended to all files exported to ELO

  3. The export format, either DOCX, PPTX, or PDF

  4. Whether the flow file should also be transferred to elo

After this is set up, click test and save. If your folder path is correct, you will the ‘credentials saved’ confirmation:

Finally, click ‘select for export’, and your one-time set up is complete.

Now, whenever you would like to export a flow to your ELO system, simply click the web export option in the export menu.

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