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Difficulties recording the SAP GUI
Difficulties recording the SAP GUI
Updated over a week ago

FlowShare will notify you if not all requirements for recording the SAP GUI are met. However, if you have not received a notification but still experience problems with recording, please check the following points:

1. Screen scaling

The scaling of your screen should be either 100% or 125%. If you are using multiple screens, please make sure they have the same scaling factor.

2. Required starting order

Please make sure that you start SAP first and then FlowShare. If the sequence is incorrect, a dialog box will appear which cannot be closed permanently.

3. Multiple SAP GUIs are open

Smooth recording of the SAP GUI with FlowShare is only guaranteed if you have only one SAP GUI open. If you have more than one SAP GUI open, recording problems may occur because FlowShare cannot differentiate from which SAP GUI the information is recorded.

4. SAP GUI version

Our SAP GUI extension works with SAP GUI for Windows from version 6.20 patch level 39.

5. Activated SAP GUI scripting

Please make sure that SAP GUI Scripting is enabled. SAP GUI Scripting must be enabled on the user client and on the application server.

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