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Nugget Creator Integration for FlowShare
Nugget Creator Integration for FlowShare
Updated over a week ago

How to publish your FlowShare instructions for further processing in the Nugget Creator.

The Nugget Creator from Know How! AG allows you to create personalized instructions that employees in your company can easily access with the Nugget Finder.

With the FlowShare integration, instructions can be created even faster and easier and loaded directly into the Nugget Creator.

Requirements: FlowShare Professional plan and an account for the Nugget Creator & Nugget Finder.

To use the integration, you must first connect the Nugget Creator to FlowShare.

Do this as follows:

Open the FlowShare settings, go to the “Web export” tab and click on “Nugget Creator”.

Enter your email and password for your Nugget Creator account.

Click on “Test and save” to check whether the connection was successfully established and then select the integration for export.

Now everything is set to export your FlowShare instructions to Nugget Creator. Proceed as follows:

Record a process with FlowShare as usual. Important: Create all step descriptions in FlowShare and not in Nugget Creator. In step 7 we explain why.

Once you have documented and edited your process, click on “Export”. The various FlowShare export formats will be shown. Because you have configured the web export earlier, click on “Web” to directly export into the Nugget Creator.

Now a small window opens. You will see: The destinations for your export match your App Keys in the Nugget Creator. Select your desired App Key and export.

FlowShare will inform you that the export was successful. Now you can close FlowShare and switch to the Nugget Creator.

Log in to Nugget Creator as usual and select the App Key that you previously selected as the export destination in FlowShare.

You will find your FlowShare guide in the Nugget List by the same title you have previously given it in FlowShare (the list is ordered alphabetically).

If you click on your Nugget, a detailed view opens.

  1. In the next step you will see the individual steps that you previously recorded with FlowShare.

Although you can adjust the step descriptions here, we strongly recommend that you do not do this, but create all descriptions directly in FlowShare. If you change something in your FlowShare guide – for example, due to an update in the process documented – and you reload the guide directly into the Nugget Creator, the step descriptions created in Nugget Creator will be deleted and replaced by the descriptions generated in FlowShare for the updated process.

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