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Activate, deactivate or transfer a license
Activate, deactivate or transfer a license
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Activate license key

After you have purchased a license key from us, you need to activate it before you can use all of FlowShare’s Pro features. This is done in just a few steps:

1. After downloading and installing, open FlowShare and click the Settings button.


2. Click on the “License” tab. Enter your license key in the text field and click on the “Activate” button. Now you can use all FlowShare features without any restrictions.

Deactivate license key

You can deactivate your license key in two ways:

  • Either you uninstall FlowShare on the old device, which normally deactivates your license automatically.

  • OR you deactivate your license in FlowShare by following these steps:

1. Open FlowShare and go into the "Settings" menu

2. Select the tab “License” and click on the “Deactivate” button. Your license key is now deactivated and you can reactivate it, for example, on another device.

Transfer license key

If there is a change of employees in the company or if an employee moves to another device, you may also need to move an already activated FlowShare license. You can do this very easily by following these steps.

1. First, deactivate the license on the old device!

This is very important, otherwise you will not be able to install the license on the new device! If you have already attempted activation without first deactivating on the old device, your key will be blocked. In this case, please contact us directly at: [email protected]

2. After having deactivated the license on the old device, activate it on the new one as explained above.

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