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This is how the combining of steps works
This is how the combining of steps works
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1. Combining steps in old flows

FlowShare includes a feature to combine steps. Whenever a selected step in your flow can be combined with a previous step, this button is activated. With a simple click on this button you combine the lower step with the one above it.

After you click the button the steps will be combined and you will see a preview of how the image will look later after exporting:

If you are not satisfied with the combined result, you can easily ungroup the combined sequence by right-clicking on the preview image.

In the context menu, simply select “Ungroup”.

2. Automatic combining when recording new flows for the first time

With the new FlowShare version, after the first recording of a new flow, steps are automatically combined and previewed.

You can recognize the combined steps in the edit view by the “Preview” display.

If you want to undo the combination, the following options are available:

1. Right-click on the preview image and then select “Ungroup”. The combination becomes individual steps again.

2. These can then be connected to the respective upper step via the “Group” icon.

3. You can turn off this setting (Combine automatically) for all future flows in the settings.

3. Settings in a combined step

Texts: In a combined step, all the texts are taken from the intermediate steps. If you want to add something to the texts, you can do it in the individual intermediate steps of a combined sequence.

Image cropping: In the preview view, you can crop a combined sequence using the Crop icon.

Blur: Select an intermediate step from the combined sequence and perform blur there.

Rotate Markups / Arrows: If you want to change something about the orientation of the numbered arrows, go to the intermediate step and change the arrow direction.

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