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Standardize settings and roll them out centrally

Using the FlowShare settings file, it is possible to reinitialize the settings in FlowShare each time the program is started. In this way, settings can be standardized or conveniently distributed within an entire team.

To do this, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Make sure that all settings meet your requirements. If you are working with a license server provided by us, make sure that the address of the server is entered.
  2. Export the settings.
  3. To avoid accidental overwriting of settings, only files with a specific naming will be considered by FlowShare. It must have the following name: FlowShareSettings.fss
    So rename the file to FlowShareSettings.fss.
  4. FlowShare will look for this file in the user’s home directory (e.g. C:\Users\NAME) during each program start. If the home directory turns out to be impractical for you, you can alternatively place the settings file directly under C:\ since version 2.13.

All changes made by the user in FlowShare will be reset the next time the program is started, as long as the settings file with this name exists in one of these directories.