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Blur sensitive data
Updated over a week ago

With FlowShare, sensitive data in screenshots can be made unrecognisable. FlowShare detects the element you select for blurring across all steps and offers the function to make them unrecognisable simultaneously. By not having to blur every element in every new step, you save a lot of effort and working time.

  1. Simply click on the “Blur” symbol

    at the top of the screenshot.

  2. Click & drag to select the area or element to be blurred.

3. If this area/element also appears in other steps, FlowShare offers the possibility to make it unrecognisable on other screenshots as well. This way you don’t waste time blurring the same thing in each and every step. Once something has been blurred, this process cannot be undone. Simply click “Select all” and apply.

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