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Crop function
Updated over a week ago

To emphasize details or to show clearly where you clicked, it can be helpful to crop the screenshot. First, select the slide you want to crop. Next, select the crop function by clicking on this symbol:

If you now hover your mouse over the screenshot, FlowShare automatically detects window hierarchies and suggests image sections (green frame).

Click within the frame to confirm the suggestion. Everything outside the selection is light shaded and is then no longer visible in the export.

After confirmation, FlowShare suggests that you automatically apply the cropping to all slides in the same application. If desired, click OK.

Alternatively, you can make your own crop selection manually. Click on the screenshot and drag the selection box as large as you want. When you release the mouse, the screenshot will be cropped automatically. Everything outside your selection will not be shown in your final export.

You can change the size and placement of the cropping afterwards. Simply drag the edge of the image and adjust.

You can always undo your crop during editing with a simple click outside the crop selection.

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