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Activation fails
Updated over a week ago

If FlowShare Pro cannot be activated, there can be several reasons for this.

1. Internet connection

Your computer must be connected to the Internet to activate the Pro version of FlowShare. Check your Internet connection and try the activation again after connecting.

2. No connection to the license provider

Your connection to wyDay, our established software licensing provider, may be blocked by your corporate firewall. To see if this is the case:

Please go to via Microsoft Internet Explorer (please use Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge and no other browser).

If this does not work, this is the source of the error. The responsible admin should be asked not to block wyDay anymore. After that you should be able to activate FlowShare Pro.

3. Incompatible Auto-Proxy script

Another source of error can be an incompatible Auto-Proxy script. In this case you can try to enter your proxy address in addition to the product key when starting FlowShare. Enter the proxy address below the product key field in the empty line and use one of these three values: (Port 1080)

– http://user:[email protected]:8080/

You must adapt this proxy address specifically to your network data (port number, IP address).

After successful activation of the license key, the proxy field disappears.

If you have further questions about the proxy address, reach out to us..

4. Setup on additional computers

If you have already successfully activated FlowShare Pro once, but now other colleagues are on board or you are using a new computer, the activation may fail because the maximum capacity of the activations with your license key has been reached. Before you activate the license key on another machine, you must first deactivate it on the old machine. If you don’t do this an activation attempt may lead to your license being blocked. Reach out to us if that is the case.

If you have further questions about proxys, activation, setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out through: [email protected].

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