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Error message when saving a FlowShare file to OneDrive
Error message when saving a FlowShare file to OneDrive
Updated over a week ago

In order to upload your guides to OneDrive you must ensure that you have the necessary editing permissions. If this is not the case, your created guides may be lost if they have not been saved to any other drive when you exit FlowShare.

We recommend that you check your permissions before saving and to test the upload with a short FlowShare guide. To ensure that you don’t lose your guides, you should save them to your desktop and upload them from there.

The “Permissions required” error message may be displayed for the following reasons:

  • You have read-only permission to the SharePoint in Microsoft 365 library, and edit permission is required for uploading files. If you previously uploaded files to this library successfully, it’s possible that an administrator changed your permissions. Ask your administrator to give you edit permission.

  • You might have signed into Microsoft 365 using an account in which you don’t have permission to upload files using OneDrive for work or school. For example, you might have signed in using a Microsoft account instead of your work or school account.

To see the email address under which you’re signed in, open any Office application such as Word, select File > Account, and look under User Information.

To change to a different account, select Switch Account on the Account page to open the Sign In dialog box.

“OneDrive can’t upload this file” Causes of this error message can be:

  • There was a problem with OneDrive. Try to upload the file again.

  • The connection to OneDrive was lost during the file transfer, or you weren’t signed in to OneDrive. Sign in to OneDrive with your Microsoft account, and then try to upload the file again.

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