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Updated PowerPoint export as of version 2.13.2
Updated PowerPoint export as of version 2.13.2
Updated over a week ago

Since the PPTX export did not work smoothly for some users, we have completely reworked the export. The PPTX export is now much faster and less error-prone than before.

With version 2.13.2 we introduce this new PowerPoint export.

Custom templates created at the time of version 2.9 or earlier (before January 2022) are not compatible with the new PPTX export.

If you are missing your custom template in the FlowShare export screen and FlowShare has led you to this page, you were working with an older PowerPoint template stored from that time.

Create a new compatible template

Creating PowerPoint templates is now easier and offers more flexibility. In this article we have described step-by-step how to create a compatible PPTX template for the newer FlowShare versions:

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