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Embed your Flows using embed code
Embed your Flows using embed code
Updated over a week ago

In this article, you will learn how to embed your Flows on other platforms using embed code.

It is important that the Flow you want to embed has been uploaded to your FlowShare Portal and has the status “Public”.

You can embed both Flow types. The static documentation

but also the interactive demo.

To retrieve the embed code of your Flow, click on the three-dot menu and then on Share.

If your Flow is not yet public, you can change the status here.

And then copy the embed code.

In our example, we integrate our Flow into a Moodle course in grid format. First, we create a new text and media area as material.

We then display all icons

and click on HTML.

Here we paste our copied embed code and save our changes.

Participants now have access to our interactive demo

and can click through the recorded process

step by step.

As mentioned earlier, you can also integrate your static documentation. In our Moodle course it looks like this.

Thanks to the embed code, you can integrate your Flows quickly and easily into your website wiki or other platforms. This increases the visibility and accessibility of your documentation and supports a wide audience with your knowledge.

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