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Synthesia Integration for FlowShare
Synthesia Integration for FlowShare
Updated over a week ago

Create professional-level video tutorials from your FlowShare guides in minutes with the Synthesia integration.

Experience the integration in action by watching this video tutorial, or follow the written instructions below.

With a few simple steps, you can quickly export your flows as Synthesia videos. You will need a FlowShare Professional account as well as a Synthesia account.

With a personal account at Synthesia you can export flows with up to ten steps. In the Enterprise plan of Synthesia you can also generate videos of flows with up to 50 steps.

To get started, you first need to connect FlowShare with your Synthesia account using an API key.

This has to be done only once.

First, get your API key from Synthesia by clicking on your name in the lower left corner.

Select ‘Settings’ from the menu.

3. Click this button next to the displayed key.

And then select ‘Copy’ from the menu.

Now that we have copied the API key, we can enter it in FlowShare.

This happens in the FlowShare settings dialog. We start by opening the dialog.

In the dialog switch to the web export tab. On here you can find all the platforms FlowShare is able to export to. Now click on the Synthesia icon.

Next you enter your API key in the lower input field.

As no other information is required, you can already click on test and save.

You will see a confirmation below the button in case your API key is correct. Now you can select Synthesia as the web export of your choice for future exports.

Your selection is indicated by the green badge on top of the Synthesia icon.

And this is it! You can now close the settings dialog. Well done.

Now how do we use this powerful export?

It’s very simple. From now on when you click on export…

…you will see the Synthesia icon as one of your export options.

The export to Synthesia works like any other export. Just click the button and make sure Synthesia is selected.

A popup will offer you options for your avatar. Here we select a male avatar speaking American english.

Click OK and the export will start.

The next popup will inform you about the export progress. This is quite fast, but you can close this popup at any time.

Once all data has been uploaded, your browser window will come up and take you to your newly created video.

This is all you need to know. Thanks for your attention!

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