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Avendoo Integration for FlowShare
Avendoo Integration for FlowShare
Updated over a week ago

Using the Avendoo Integration with FlowShare to publish your how-to guides on the Avendoo Platform.

In this article we will show you everything you need to know to successfully publish your Flows on the Avendoo platform.

Avendoo offers a holistic learning management system that helps establish and promote a learning culture within your organization.

To use this integration you need a FlowShare Professional license and an account for Avendoo.

Let’s start with connecting FlowShare to Avendoo.

In the first step open the FlowShare settings dialog.

Then select the “Web Export” tab. In this tab you can find all platforms your are able to export to with FlowShare. Now click on the Avendoo icon.

In the next step enter your Avendoo domain and your username and password from Avendoo.

Now click on “Test and save”.

You will see a confirmation below the button in case all credentials are correct. Now you can select Avendoo as the web export of your choice for future exports.

Your selection is indicated by the green badge on top of the Avendoo icon. Now everything is set to export your FlowShare instructions to Avendoo and you can close the settings dialog. Great job!

Let’s export our first how-to guide directly to Avendoo! First of all, we record a process with FlowShare as usual.

Once you have documented and edited your process, click on “Export”.

From now on you will see the Avendoo icon as one of your export options. Make sure Avendoo is selected.

Then click on the green “Export” button.

Now you can select the category you wish to publish your Flow to.

You will be notified if the export was successful.

Let’s have a look at your exported Flow in Avendoo.

First log in to the Avendoo backend.

Then click on “Learning content”

and select “Media”.

To get a better overview, you can click on the category that you just selected in FlowShare

Great, everything is where it should be! Your Flow is now ready to be included in your Avendoo courses.

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