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Export FlowShare settings

Starting with version 2.10, you have the option to export FlowShare settings from one device in order to import them on any number of other devices.

This way, e.g. design and license settings can be conveniently distributed uniformly among all employees in an organization without having to manually adjust each instance.

The export of settings is located in the settings dialog under the Import/Export tab.

Here, simply select the settings you want to share with others:

In doing so, you can copy not only the design settings (Such as logo, colors, fonts, arrow shape, the name of the organization in the default car name), but also the license key for activation. (The activation during import can only succeed if you still have free license keys in your plan).

Then click on “Export” to create an .fss file (the file extension stands for FlowShare Settings).

Your colleagues and employees can import this .fss file on the same tab (e.g. via drag & drop). FlowShare will apply the new settings from that moment on. Your team will thank you for it!

Not sure what you can set in FlowShare?

Follow this checklist

This is the best way to proceed if you want to get FlowShare up and running on multiple computers in your organization:

  1. Install FlowShare on one computer first.
  2. Make the following settings to customize FlowShare as best as possible for your organization:

License settings: 

  • Activate FlowShare with your license key.


  • Enter the name of your organization for “Company / Department” in Standard Author Info


  • Set the language of the texts and the user interface and select a language for the spelling function 

Design settings:

  • Upload your company logo

  • Set the color and transparency of the marking / arrows or upload your own arrow. 

  • Set the colors for headings and the accent color and set your font


  • Go to Export and integrate your own PowerPoint or Word template into FlowShare there if needed. 

  1. Now go to Import/Export under Settings select Export and save a .fss file of all settings.
  2. Distribute this file to employees or upload it to all other FlowShare instances in your organization via Settings – Import.
  3. All changes you made in 2. will be applied to the instances!

Enjoy your customized FlowShare instance and stay in the flow!