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Compatibility with Google Chrome

You want to create documentation with FlowShare in which the browser Google Chrome appears? Generally: No problem!

However, it can happen that FlowShare in connection with Chrome does not generate automatic texts or does not recognize elements in the browser.

This is because Chrome does not make HTML tags visible in the basic settings and FlowShare therefore cannot read your clicks in the browser. Therefore FlowShare does not understand what and where, they clicked and labels all your steps with the identical action instruction: Click “Chrome Legacy Window”.

To get around this, just follow these 2 steps:

1. Open the URL chrome://accessibility/ in your browser.

The Google Chrome settings will appear.

2. Tick the four options:

  • “Native accessibility API support”
  • “Web accessibility”
  • “Screen reader support”
  • “HTML”

– and you’re done.

These instructions allow FlowShare to read Google Chrome and you can create FlowShare manuals as usual.