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Obsidian Integration

Obsidian is a software for note-taking and knowledge management that specializes in linking texts and organizing information. It enables the creation and management of notes in Markdown files that can be linked together.

To download Obsidian, visit the website and click on the "Download for Windows" button.

After installation, create your vault under your specified path.

For optimal use of FlowShare and Obsidian, we recommend that you create two new folders in your vault.

One folder for the FlowShare images.

And another one for the markdown files created by FlowShare.

Now you need to copy the path to your image folder in Obsidian. You can do this by accessing the Windows explorer.

Later on you will also need the path to the markdown folder.

Once you copied the paths, head back to the FlowShare settings and click on Obsidian in the web export tab.

Now paste your paths for the markdown and image folder.

Click on test and save.

And select Obsidian as your web export.

Now if you export to Obsidian

your Flow will be displayed like this.

In Obsidian, you can also display your Flows in a graph view to see how they are interlinked.