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Guru Integration for FlowShare
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Setting up FlowShare to publish your flow guides as Guru Cards

Guru is a great knowledge management solution for teams to share and distribute their knowledge and fits into your workflow.

With the power of AI and a huge list of integrations into the tools you’re already using, Guru delivers verified knowledge directly to your team without them having to search for it. That means your best and brightest can spend more time building and less time answering questions or searching for information.

Requirements: FlowShare Professional and a Builder or Expert Guru account.

Before you can start publishing your Flows as Cards on Guru, you need to enter your Guru API credentials in FlowShare. Two things are needed:

1. The email address you have used to register your account on
2. Your personal user token.

You need to create this token on Please follow the instructions provided by Guru:

Once you have entered your email address and token, you can test and check whether everything is correct and working. After the successful test, you can select Guru as your platform of choice for the web export.

From now on, when you select “Web” as export format, FlowShare will publish your step-by-step guide as a Guru card.

Since cards are organized in collections on Guru, you will get to choose your target collection during the export process.

After the export is done, your browser will open the newly created Guru card for you to review and share.

If you ever need to update the process because something changes – you won’t have to worry about doing it from scratch. Just update the parts that changed within your process in FlowShare and re-upload them. Your old card will automatically be replaced with the new Card containing the same process.

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