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Confluence Integration for FlowShare
Confluence Integration for FlowShare
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How to integrate FlowShare into Confluence?

If you want to export a recorded flow to Confluence, first you need to ensure that you select Confluence as your desired web export. This needs to be done once. To do so, click on the ‘Settings’ option first.

Then click on the ‘Web Export’ tab.

Then select ‘Confluence’ from the proposed integrations.

In the fields below, you need to fill in your Confluence data. First, fill in your personal Confluence address such as ‘’.

Then fill in your login data (for example your email address).

Lastly you need a ‘user token’ (API key).

How to get a Confluence API key?

To get this API key, log into your Confluence account and click on your Account.

Click ‘Manage your account’.

Here, select ‘Security’.

Click on the field ‘Create and manage API tokens’.

To generate the API key, click the ‘Create API token’ button.

Type in a label for the API Token in the field ‘Label’. Then click on the button ‘Create’.

The API token appears. Click on the ‘Copy’-button and return to FlowShare.

Paste the API token into the selected field with a right-click and a click on ‘Paste’.

Click ‘Test and save’.

If the key was correct, a “Credentials saved” message appears. Then click ‘Select for Export’.

Then you can close the window with the ‘Close’ button.

How to publish your flow as a page on Confluence?

After the initial settings, you can start the export of your flow.

Click on the ‘Export’-button on the left side.

For the export to Confluence, select the option ‘Web’ that shows the Confluence-logo.

Click ‘Export’.

FlowShare asks you in which collection you want to publish the Flow. Select the desired collection and click ‘Ok’.

After that, Confluence opens. Now you can close the FlowShare-window that notified the successful creation of the post.

In Confluence you can still edit the article. To do that, click ‘Edit’.

If you are happy with the article you can click ‘Publish’. You succeeded and exported your first article to Confluence!

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